Matt Le Tissier and Francis Benali today launch 73 Management – a new football management service designed by footballers, for footballers.

Matt and Francis will represent and mentor players as they lead a five-man team bursting with 100 years’ experience of the football industry between them. 

73 Management offers a complete management service covering every aspect of a player’s career – on and off the field.

Footballers will benefit from 73 Management’s all-encompassing support network covering club contracts, commercial deals, legal affairs, wealth management and PR and media.

The company’s name derives from the shirt numbers Matt and Francis became associated with as they amassed over 900 appearances between them.

The former team-mates want to work with like-minded footballers and will draw on their vast knowledge of the game to guide players through the varied challenges of their careers.

One-club man Matt, Southampton’s second-highest scorer and the first midfielder to net 100 Premier League goals, said: “73 Management has been a year in the making and we’re really looking forward to introducing our first-class services to players and their families.

“Francis and I are keen to use our in-depth knowledge of the game, both from our playing days and subsequent coaching and media work, to mentor players and help them make the right decisions for their football careers.

“We want to work with players who mirror our philosophies – players who put football first and want to be role models. We don’t just want them to be great footballers, but to also set the right example.

“We want clubs to view us with integrity and respect and know we’re here for the best interests of our players.

“With the team we’ve put together, we can offer expert advice and guidance on every aspect of a footballer’s career.”

Francis, a committed left-back who spent the vast majority of his 20-year playing career at Southampton, added: “Having played football for many years, we have a real passion for the game and feel we have a responsibility to pass on our knowledge and experience to the younger generation.

“Our advice will always be based on what is best for our players and their families, with their long-term interests at heart.

“There’s more pressure on footballers now due to the intense scrutiny they’re under, which means there is even more of a need for all-encompassing support network for players and their families. 

“We’ve been in their boots and will aim to take as much worry and stress away from them as possible, so they can focus on football.”

Matt and Francis have launched 73 Management on transfer deadline day and are looking to represent a small stable of players.

“We’ve kept our plans under wraps until today and our first job is to make footballers and their families aware of what 73 Management has to offer,” added former England international Matt.

“From the football people we’ve sounded out while setting up the company, the feedback has been encouraging about the need for the kind of service we will offer.

“We want to represent a small number of footballers so we can give each and every one of them the care and attention they need.”

Matt and Francis see 73 Management as an extension of their work at the MLT Natural Coaching Academy, which they set up four years ago. Young players are encouraged to express themselves by professional coaches who help them fulfil their natural potential.

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